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PT SCCI is ready to assist and independently verify your..

Witnessing Services

Unlike the seller (shipper) whom can always keep an eye..

Quality Monitoring

The services, technology and competencies which we bring together is..

Quality Analysis

The performance of analytical procedure on coal and mineral in..

Assurance Service

Assurance service is a guarantee service for disclosing environmental performance..

Distribution and Trading of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG is compressed methane gas from nature CNG Trade (Distributor..

Environmental and Waste Management

•    Analysis of water, clean water quality and drinking water.•   ..

Mapping and Data Acquisition

Mine : Volumentric Survey (Monthly pit survey, stockpile scanning, stock..

Marine Survey and Port

Marine Survey Quantity & Quality for general cargo, liquid, gas..

Study, Exploration and Mine Management

Study : Geotechnical, Slope Stability, plane contour, field description and..

Information Technology and Communication

UHF Radio Farlink Operation Maintenance Telekomunikasi IT Monitoring

Renewable Energy

Consultation & Installation Renewable Energy. Operation Maintenance for Generator. Green..