Thank you for visiting our website. As one of the mining industry’s most trusted surveyor companies, Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia, PT (SCCI) is committed to providing the best services. With its vast experience and expertise, SCCI is involved in sampling, analysis, supervision and control, monitoring and stockpile management, collateral management and exploration services. “We continuously uphold our independence. Right from the start, maintaining integrity is our priority and we always regard it with utmost importance,” “Infrastructure-wise, we are well prepared. Be it our human resource competence or our laboratory facilities, which overall have been well accredited,” SCCI has been authorized by the Indonesian government to carry out export verification of mining commodities, as well as other aspects of the government’s programs.


PT SCCI is ready to assist and independently verify your shipment quantity and quality and also document verification at loading..

Witnessing Services

Unlike the seller (shipper) whom can always keep an eye on everything and every event at the loading port, the..

Quality Monitoring

The services, technology and competencies which we bring together is in unique combination; we will be an integral part of..

Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia

PT. Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia (SCCI) is a subsidiary of PT Surveyor Indonesia (PTSI), an Indonesian state owned enterprise, who has a significant business activity in independent assurance in Indonesia. SCCI was established in 2002, a joint venture company between PT Surveyor Indonesia (PTSI) and the CCI Holding Limited (CCI) of Australia with 50:50% shares.


Adaptive towards rapid changes in the business transformation process carried out.
Keep on striving to produce solutions and new products/services as well as business processes appropriately and effectively.
Always being professional along with high integrity in providing the best services.
Provide a guarantee of trust by increasing awareness in order to create added value for customers.
PT Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia
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