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May 2022
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PT SCCI is ready to assist and independently verify your shipment quantity and quality (Superintending) and also document verification at loading and terminal for custom clearance to protect your interest. This should be clearly stated in document (i.e. Sales Contract etc.) and agreed by both parties (Seller & Buyer) to appoint the company as the independent surveyor for a particular shipment or a series of shipments. Ports and terminals are very complex and require constant expertise to monitor every aspect of your operation.

By the appointment both parties agreed that any statement which issued and certified by the independent surveyor are subject to be accepted by both parties. We bring services, both of technologies and competencies in unique combination, without the technical expertise, errors in areas such as inspection, loading and discharge, sampling and weight determination can result in your overall performance decreasing causing a negative impact on your financial bottom line.

Independent surveyor services at port and terminal, aimed at reducing operational risk and maximizing your profit. We offer the complete inspection programs and will ensure that the entire chain of custody is managed efficiently and in a timely fashion.

  • Survey Report for document verification for custom clearance
  • Sampling & Analysis at loading / unloading / discharging
  • Daily shipment activity report
  • Weather report
  • Provisional report
  • Draught Survey at on board
  • Hold and Cleanliness Inspection for on board