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Witnessing Services

May 2022
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Unlike the seller (shipper) whom can always keep an eye on everything and every event at the loading port, the buyer specially the overseas one due to the distance may not practicable to do so. They could then appoint a surveyor company to become a witness on their behalf to look over the purchasing cargo, to inspect the condition and the availability of the carrier, to observe the shipment process and last but not least is to scrutinize the performance of the rolling independent surveyor (see. QQ).

The witness service will turn out to be more multifaceted if the cargo is first to load into some barges at one or more jetties near the coal stockpile(s) before hauling the seagoing-mother-vessel which awaiting on the anchorage some several miles offshore, the process which is known as the “transshipment”.

•    Sampling & Preparation and also Analysis witnessing
•    at loading / unloading / discharging
•    Draught Survey witnessing at on board
•    Barging Log (if necessary)
•    Nonconformance & conformance record
•    Daily shipment activity report
•    Weather report