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Assurance Service

Assurance service is a guarantee service for disclosing environmental performance in Sustainability Reports, Annual Reports, and Responsible Investment
(Green Bond/Sustainability Link Bond).

Assurance is a statement or consideration of an independent and competent party to provide an assessment for multi-stakeholders in managing aspects of sustainable development, environment, social, and governance.
Assurance assists decision makers and investors in increasing guarantees for the disclosure of company sustainability data in accountable.

Assurance services include:
1. Verification from Independent Parties in Sustainability Reports
In POJK No.16 of 2021,  Issuers are required to carry out Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) and required to prepare a Sustainability Report. Sustainability Report is a report announced to the public that contains the economic, financial, social and environmental performances of an Issuer, Public Company, and Financial Services Institution in running a sustainable business. Sustainability report need to be witnessed by an independent assurance service provider, which will be reported on an assurance report.

2. Second-Party Opinion in Greenbond
In POJK No. 60 of 2017, Issuers with environmental projects can issue Green Bonds as an alternative to thematic funding. In preparing the Green Bond document, an opinion or assessment from an Environmental Expert is required accompanied by a Second-Party Opinion (SPO) on Green Bond to state that business activities are beneficial to the environment and in line with market principles.

SCCI has the competence to provide Assurance in Sustainability Reports and Second-Party Opinion (SPO) in Green Bonds. We are registered at AA1000Assurance (AccountAbility1000) with licensed Assurance Provider 000-737. In addition, SCCI is supported by the experts who are experienced and certified in ISO 14064, Task Force of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), Certified Sustainability Professional (CSP), Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS), Certified Sustainability Reporting Assuror (CSRA), and has been registered by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

In practice, we offer 2 (two) scopes of assurance that can be applied in Sustainability Reports and/or Green Bond, namely:
1. High Assurance
2. Moderate Assurance  

Details in (Attached Download Link Brochure Assurance Service).

For further information, please contact :
Intan Rahmalia at Phone No. (0878-7055-4061).