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Quality Analysis

The performance of analytical procedure on coal and mineral in custody chain shall meet of standard practice of procedure and accuracy as quality assurance programmed that started from raw material up so we were able to provide the information at every stage of the cycle.

We offer the complete range of laboratory analysis to support of supply chain service programs and will ensure that the entire chain of custody is controlled and managed efficiently and in a timely fashion. Analytical work is performed in accordance of international standard practice such as ASTM, ISO and BS.

Our analytical capabilities included major analytical instrument and partial list analytical such as :
•    Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer
•    X-Ray Fluorescence
•    Proximate Analyzer Instrument (moisture, ash and volatile matter)
•    Ultimate Analysis (moisture, ash, sulfur, carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen)
•    Bomb Calorimeter Instrument
•    Ash Fusion Analyzer
•    Free Swelling index instrument
•    Plastometer Instrument
•    ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer) – ICP OES
•    Radioactive Analyzer (Radiation monitor AT1125)

We establish and maintain full internationally accepted accreditation specifically to ISO 17025 for coal sampling preparation and testing. We have been accredited with KAN, Indonesian Accreditation agency.

The Laboratory Quality System covers all aspects of the laboratory operation. Documentation has been provided in the Indonesian and English languages.

The Laboratory would participate in the internationally and locally Round Robin for testing sample program. This is organized on regular basis by quality assurance section. The program report follows the ISO requirements for interproficiency testing. It gives the laboratory feedback on analysis procedures and accuracy of results.

Coal :

•    Proximate (Inherent Moisture, Ash Content, Volatile Matter & Fixed Carbon)
•    Total Moisture
•    Total Sulphur
•    Calorific Value
•    Sizing analysis
•    HGI (Hardgrove Grindability Index)
•    Ultimate (Sulphur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon & Oxygen)
•    AFT (Reducting & Oxidating)
•    Relative Density
•    Petrographich Analysis
•    Ash Analysis
•    Trace Element
•    Abrasive Index
•    Form of Sulphur
•    Moisture holding capacity
•    TML (Transportable Moisture Limit)
•    Radioactive
•    Photo permeability

Coking Coal
•    Coking Coal Properties
•    Other Parameter Analysis

•    Coke Properties
•    Other Parameter Analysis

Mineral elements analysis XRF (Fused bead & Pressed pellet), ICP dan AAS:
•    Nikel Laterite
•    Limestone
•   FeNi

Complete range of laboratory analysis based on ASTM, ISO, GB/T and AS standard