PT. Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia (SCCI) is a subsidiary of PT Surveyor Indonesia (PTSI), an Indonesian state owned enterprise, who has a significant business activity in independent assurance in Indonesia.

SCCI was established in 2002, a joint venture company between PT Surveyor Indonesia (PTSI) and the CCI Holding Limited (CCI) of Australia with 50:50% shares.

The SCCI Holding Group Carbon Consulting International Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary, certifies 50% of Australia’s coal export is a leading supplier of technical services to the Australian coal mining industry.

On July 2007, CCI Holdings limited had been acquired by Bureau Veritas (BV) of France then 50% of SCCI share was owned by Bureau Veritas, founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1828.

As of February 2011, 50% share of Bureau Veritas has been released to PT Surveyor Indonesia therefore PT Surveyor Indonesia was fully owned 100% of SCCI’s share. Currently, SCCI activity business are wide developed not only for coal but also mineral, SCCI welcomes to the challenge of introducing its global expertise in technical services to the Indonesian coal and mineral mining industry and to your company as our valued customers.

In the begining SCCI provides services dedicated to improving the Indonesian Mining Sector, the SCCI of Companies has grown to become a multi disciplined provider of services in many aspects of mining and related activities. Over the last ten years, SCCI has evolved to become the leading service provider company in Indonesia, providing one stop shop solutions in the coal and mineral industry.