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As one of the mining industry’s most trusted surveyor companies, Surveyor Carbon Consulting Indonesia, PT (SCCI) is committed to providing the best services.

With its vast experience and expertise, SCCI is involved in sampling, analysis, supervision and control, monitoring and stockpile management, collateral management and exploration services.

“We continuously uphold our independence. Right from the start, maintaining integrity is our priority and we  always regard it with utmost importance,”

“Infrastructure-wise, we are well prepared. Be it our human resource competence or our laboratory facilities, which overall have been well accredited,”

SCCI has been authorized by the Indonesian government to carry out export verification of mining commodities, as well as other aspects of the government’s programs.

To ensure analytical capability and expertise, SCCI has recruited and trained laboratory personnel with vast experience in the mining industry, and established testing laboratories for complete examination services in major cities and strategic locations in Indonesia.

SCCI is supporting the principles of "World's Best Practices” in all of its endeavors for Indonesia.